Building Business Value

The Hedwyn Building Value Series examines the creation of sustainable business value from multiple perspectives.Working with partner firms and expert advisors, each edition of the series looks at building value from a different viewpoint.Working within an overarching framework, there are always multiple options for unlocking business value and aligning with strategic outcomes.

Upcoming Events

Evidence-Based HR: A New Paradigm

In Person: 25 January 2024 in London, UKEvidence-based practice is a powerful tool that helps to make any profession more effective. Through helping HR practitioners to make better-informed decisions about the precise nature of the issues they face and how they can best be dealt with, Evidence-Based HR (EBHR) plays a critical role in enhancing the HR function and helping it make a stronger contribution to the business.

  • Develop a detailed understanding of HR professionals’ knowledge of EBHR, their current level of use of EBHR and what they perceive as barriers and facilitators.

  • Through case studies, analyse how EBHR has been applied in practice and the challenges and benefits it brings.

  • Gain insight and guidance from those who have already implemented EBHR.

  • Understand and then start to apply a range of practical resources to your HR function.

Get started and maintain progress with EBHR. A detailed overview of what EBHR means in practice and the tools required to start immediately applying EBHR.Presented by the Corporate Research Forum in partnership with Hedwyn

HR's Role in Sustainable Business

A Systems Thinking Approach
to Organisational Change

Residential: 19-20 February 2024 near London, UKIdentifying the relations between different parts of your organisation is a critical part of successful change projects. These relationships are often barriers to change and can cause transformation projects to breakdown. Systems thinking – a holistic way of looking at the relationship between different parts of the organisation – can help to overcome these barriers.

  • Understand systems thinking, and how you can use it to ensure successful change projects.

  • Work through a real-life case study to apply what you have learned throughout the workshop.

  • Create action plans to de-risk your change projects for the future and become a change agent within your organisation.

This event is for HRDs, HRBPs, and Senior OD and Talent Professionals with responsibility for designing and leading change initiativesPresented by the Corporate Research Forum in partnership with Hedwyn

HR's Role in Sustainable Business

Clarity drives informed decisions

Strategic thinking underpins organisational outcomes - in every area.Understanding the true scale and nature of the challenges facing your business is essential for decision-makers to define the best responses and act with confidence.But sometimes its hard to balance addressing burning issues while planning for the 'bigger picture'.
Whether your challenge is growth, transformation, or responding to disruption, Hedwyn can provide the clarity you need to make the right decisions.
When everything changes, it's not enough to work in the old ways, you need to stay more than one step ahead of the competition. What's your next next move?

Past Events

HR's Role in Sustainable Business

In Person: 31 October 2023 in London, UKSustainability is no longer a ‘nice-to-have' – it is now a top priority for governments, businesses, and society. Government action, public / customer opinion, the business costs of climate change, and potential commercial advantage mean that companies have to address sustainability now. This requires applying a sustainability lens to products and services, social practices, employee practices, and supply chains. And because sustainability is a supranational issue – requiring shared objectives and cooperative action across the globe – multinational organisations are in a strong position to influence progress.

  • Understand global organisations' influence on sustainability

  • Explore key aspects of sustainability and the management of stakeholder relationships

  • Learn how peers are applying a sustainability lens to key areas of HR

  • Consider what impact you can have as an HR leader on your organisation's sustainability strategy and the skills you will need to influence the outcomes

Do HR leaders have the skills and knowledge required to navigate and make a success of sustainability? If not, what do they need to do to become equipped?Presented by the Corporate Research Forum in partnership with Hedwyn

HR's Role in Sustainable Business

Agility 2.0 — Building Adaptable Organisations

Over recent years, we have seen ‘Agility’ develop from a technical concept used in the software development industry, to now becoming a vital ingredient for all forms of organisation looking to survive and thrive in a fast-changing world.We can see at the societal level how governments can no longer rely on rigid doctrines, but rather are required to flex quickly to adapt to societal changes or world events. For companies, strategies must be flexible to respond to market changes, teams must be able to form and reform quickly to address priorities, and individuals must continually update their skills to remain relevant in a dynamic workplace.How can HR support their organisations to build agility?

  • Shaping the strategic discussion at executive level

  • Designing and developing flexible structures and resourcing models

  • Developing leaders who can help their teams succeed in fast changing environments

  • Supporting individuals to build skills relevant to the future business environment

At our 2023 Conference, we will explore agility at the enterprise, team and individual levels with experts and practitioners who are building adaptable organisations, with empowered teams, flexible structures and progressive leadershipPresented by the Corporate Research Forum in partnership with Hedwyn

Building Adaptable Organisations

Unlocking Financial Potential with Workforce Insights

In today's ever-changing business landscape, gaining a competitive edge is crucial for your organisation's success. Join us for a transformative 1-hour information session that will revolutionize the way you approach human capital and unlock its true financial potential.We will delve into the essential strategies and insights that can drive organisational growth and profitability.
Our unique approach lies in the ability to quantify human performance, as financial metrics are measured, providing invaluable insights for aligning human capital with strategic objectives and unlocking value.

  • Discover Hidden Costs

  • Measure Human Performance

  • Align Human Capital with Strategy

  • Enhance Performance and Reduce Costs

Presented by Global Chamber in partnership with Hedwyn and Business Health Institute

Unlocking Financial Potential through Workforce Insights

Strong Foundations: Evidence-Based HR

Today's business environment is coloured by uncertainty and risk. It is all too easy to make the wrong decisions at the wrong time, with potentially high-stakes consequences for organisations.Still, the HR function too often continues to make subjective decisions based on a 'gut feeling' or 'hunch'. Evidence-based HR (EBHR) refers to a process of problem definition, evidence-gathering, and assessment that HR professionals and teams can use to improve the quality of their decision-making and delivery.

  • Understand the components of evidence-based HR

  • Explore the barriers to, and facilitators of, evidence-based HR

  • Learn methods to put evidence-based HR into practice in your organisation

Presented by the Corporate Research Forum in partnership with Hedwyn

Better Decisions: Making Sense of Complexity

The complexity of the business operating landscape has considerably increased over the past years. Understanding what environment you’re working in is key to effective decision making through periods of uncertainty.The Cynefin framework helps with exactly that. Created by Dave Snowden in 1999 and described as a 'sense-making device', Dave’s framework is more relevant than ever before.

  • Understand what the Cynefin framework is and its five decision-making contexts

  • Learn how to apply the framework within your business

  • Experience and practise the key tools underpinning the framework

Learn how to distinguish between situations where there is value in applying established good practices, and where developing emergent practice is the better approach.Presented by the Corporate Research Forum in partnership with Hedwyn and the Cynefin Centre

How Leadership Mindset Impacts Business Outcomes

Improve results with better business planning and healthier more productive teams.
An interactive workshop to examine live business issues and opportunities and learn how leadership mindset drives the business mindset and roadmap execution.

  • give business leaders a pragmatic toolkit

  • establish healthy mindsets and improve business planning

  • how to outperform expectations and deliver better business outcomes.

  • explore your own goals and opportunities for 2023 and beyond

  • learn how to gain clarity and prioritise issues and options to create a workable roadmap

Presented by Hedwyn in partnership with the Business Health Institute

Delivering Opportunity Faster

Many businesses struggle on creating their future through opportunities that fit their business core. First because they haven't defined it clearly enough and second, because they haven't engaged their team to deliver it.Hedwyn and Mark Fritz have come together to share some ideas with you on how you can enable your business to deliver the future faster. Finding problems is simple, finding those opportunities is not so; unlike problems, opportunities are not visible.Designed for company owners and corporate leaders, more success comes when you and your team can deliver opportunities faster.

Presented by Hedwyn in partnership with Mark Fritz

Embracing Uncertainty

Uncertainty is the ‘new normal’. Continuous Adaptation is the response.Join us as we discuss Hedwyn’s approach to business design in uncertain times, and how knowing your Core Business Model is the key to continuous adaptation.

  • why the traditional approaches to business change aren't enough for today's challenges

  • the layers of a typical business and how they respond to risk and uncertainty

  • understanding change impact from the outside-in

  • when different approaches are effective, whether strategy-to-execution or continuous adaptation

  • planning and feedback processes that underpin the intention to outcome cycle

Presented by Hedwyn

Event Partners

The Hedwyn Building Value Series examines the creation of sustainable business value from multiple perspectives.Working with partner firms and expert advisors, each edition of the series looks at building value from a different viewpoint.Working within an overarching framework, there are always multiple options for unlocking business value and aligning with strategic outcomes.

Business Health Institute

Business Health Institute

Business Health Institute improves business performance through employee health and stress management. We use industry-leading measurement and monitoring technology.Balancing workforce pressures and establishing systems for long-term impact, we provide internal predictability and future-proof workplace

Simon King at Hedwyn

Corporate Research Forum

Founded in 1994, now with over 200 member organisations,
CRF has become a highly influential focal point and network for over 200 members representing a cross-section of private and public sector organisations.
CRF‘s goal is to be valued for excellence, rigour, relationship building and providing an independent view which, together, lead to measurable improvement in members’ people and organisation

Business Health Institute

Global Chamber

Global Chamber® is a growing, global community of CEOs, executives and leaders in 525 metro regions around the world, everywhere... focused on helping companies grow with less risk within and across metropolitan areas.We're the ONLY organisation in the world with hundreds of locations that helps executives grow sustainable business through warm connections and virtual



Hedwyn specialises in value generation through business options, informing strategic decisions, and crafting roadmaps for success.Hedwyn establishes clarity, confidence, and effective communication, providing insights and expertise – aiding clients navigate their business journeys and deliver value.Hedwyn is a boutique strategic planning consultancy, serving clients worldwide from our base in

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Hedwyn is a boutique organisational effectiveness consultancy, serving clients worldwide from our base in London.We specialise in strategic planning, operational improvement, workforce planning, and leadership training.With a strong emphasis on establishing clarity, confidence, and effective communication, our insights and expertise help our clients navigate their business journeys.Our expertise lies in assisting business owners and leaders in thinking quickly and adapting to uncertainty, We guide them in understanding their options and making well-informed decisions.


Having experienced both consulting and industry roles, we became disillusioned with the conventional approaches to business change and the outdated strategies employed by traditional consulting firms.Recognising the demand for innovative methods, we first created the Respond workshop — an entirely online strategy-to-roadmap service built upon our Intention to Outcome Framework.

What's in a name?

Hedwyn comes from the Welsh word for knowing, or knowledge. Hence our strapline, "know your business". We work with the people who own and run businesses to give them clarity and confidence through knowledge.

The Hedwyn Group

Our track record spans the largest multi-nationals to rapidly growing start-ups, from one-off investigative workshops to full-scale digital transformations; the Hedwyn team have started and scaled businesses, advised C-suite executives, and delivered countless growth, change and digital projects around the world.In addition to the core team of Hedwyn consultants, we have established a global network of trusted partners and associates, further expanding our capabilities and reach.Our recruitment arm, Hedwyn People gives us a depth of experience and access to the right people for any engagement. We can find the right candidate for your team, whether for a project or on a permanent basis.Hedwyn Learning can develop your team's skills, confidence, and capabilities through bespoke and tailored courses. Suitable for individuals and teams, and can be delivered in person or digitally. Our cohort-based approach strengthens the learning and helps embed the results.

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